Wayne State University Members
Dr. Stine Eckert, Co-Founder and Director
Jade Metzger, Ph.D. Student, Research Assistant

Winter 2016 Wayne Honors Student Teachers
Sadia Ghazi, Bachelor Student Psychology
Ramona Stamatin, Bachelor Student Biology-Chemistry, Spanish, Musical Theatre
Emily Verde, Bachelor Student Piano

Fall 2015 Wayne Honors Student Teachers
Oksana Doubrovski, Bachelor Student Philosophy and Biology
Cody Gomez, Bachelor Student Philosophy
Adam Goryca, Bachelor Student Engineering
Alexandra McKinzie, Bachelor Student Engineering

University of Maryland Members
Joanna Nurmis, Ph.D. Candidate, Co-Organizer and Teacher
Dr. Linda Steiner, Co-Founder
Dr. Kalyani Chadha, Co-Organizer

Former Team Members
Angelisa Plane,  Bachelor Student, University of Maryland, Teacher
Kristen Sabatini, Bachelor Student, University of Maryland, Teacher
Dr. Jessica Roberts, Consultant and Teacher

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