“Confidence goes a long way”

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgIn this three-part series, Wayne State University honors students reflect on their experiences of teaching the free ten-week  Wikid GRRLs curriculum in Detroit Public Schools in the winter semester of 2016.


By Sadia Ghazi

I signed up to take this class after a friend told me how much he enjoyed being part of the Wikid GRRLS project. Going into this class I honestly did not know what to expect. It seemed very intimidating to go teach a class for an hour to middle-schoolers. I was nervous because I never considered myself to be a tech-savvy person: how was I going to teach young girls about technology?

Well, in summary this class was an incredible learning experience for me. I loved the discussions we had about women in STEM every time we met for class. I enjoyed our discussions about how women can appropriately discuss the pay gap when applying for jobs. In the Detroit school classroom I saw how excited the girls were about being in the program. We only had three girls in the class, so there was always time for discussion.

The most valuable lesson I learned from Wikid GRRLS is that confidence goes a long way. Many of the girls knew a lot about technology but they felt unsure talking about their skills. This program allowed me to see that with a little bit of confidence anyone can learn their way around the internet. I still don’t consider myself a tech-savvy person but now I know that I’ll be able to figure it out.

Sadia Ghazi is a Wayne State University honors student majoring in psychology; she is also debating in the Wayne State Debate Team. In the Wikid GRRLS project she taught middle school girls online skills in Detroit Public Schools in the winter semester of 2016.



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