The Biggest #Paygap in America: Computer Programmers #wikidgrrls #gendergap

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Source: Glassdoor Report

By Emily Verde

A large part of the Wikid GRRLS project is exploring the gender gap in Wikipedia contributions. As a result, we also explore the possible reasons for this gender gap, including how young women are introduced to technology; how they are treated and how their confidence in computer skills fares as well as other issues of other men-dominated STEM fields.

An article by CNET staff reporter Max Taves, “Biggest Pay Gap in America: Computer Programmers,” published on March 23, 2016, analyzes a recent study on the pay gap within technical fields. This Glassdoor study study shows yet another possible explanation for the relatively low number of women employees in technological fields: a huge pay gap.

According to Glassdoor’s report “Demystifying the Gender Pay Gap,” computer programming is the field with the most unfair pay gap between men and women professionals with the same occupational positions, education, and other environmental factors.

The difference is striking, with women receiving 28 percent less pay than men!

This, of course, does not only apply to computer programming. In all technical fields, men make on average 5.9 percent more than women with the same education and position.

Taves goes on to examine the validity of the study, noting that it is likely that Glassdoor did not account for lower-paying jobs in the technical fields, such as assembly line work. Despite this possible discrepancy, however, it is worth noting that men have a higher advantage in obtaining upper-level jobs, and even when women obtain these positions, they are paid far less than men with the same job.

The report goes on to say that in actuality, “differences in education, age and years of experience ‘explain little’ of tech’s gender pay gap.” Glassdoor suggests that a possible solution is to lighten the burden on child and elderly care for women in the workforce and to make sure women have access to science and technical training. Taves, however, notes that, historically, when more women enter the scientific workforce, the pay actually drops.

Read the original article.

Emily Verde is a Wayne State University honors student majoring in piano performance. In the Wikid GRRLS project she teaches middle school girls online skills in Detroit Public Schools this semester.


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