Ask your Detroit school to join #WikidGRRLS!


Wikid GRRLS has successfully launched in Detroit and we are looking forward to continuing and expanding the coming semester. Wikid GRRLS is a FREE after-school program to teach girls in Detroit schools computer and online skills.

Read what three of our current participants learnt, and ask your school to join the free and fun Wikid GRRLS after-school program to teach girls online skills. The program runs for 10 weeks and is taught by honors students from Wayne State University.

“Wikid Girls has been an amazing after-school activity to be in. I learned so much here about how to work the computer and how to edit, and create a wikispace account. I would recommend to any girls to join the class. If they do decide I’m sure they would enjoy it as much as I did. It is an active program to teach a child how to work and use the computer. An example would be how to edit other people’s work and to cite where you got the information from and how to create an article in Wikipedia. We also learned how to use a Prezi and HTML.”

“Wikid GRRLS is a fun, cool place to come learn about more technology on your own computers. You can learn things about your computer that you didn’t know before like CTRL + F for example. This comes in real handy when you are trying to find something quickly. It will show any word it finds that you typed in the search box. They will teach you how to code, too. I didn’t think it was going to be too fun at first but it ended up be super fun, learning to use HTML. If you want to find out more you should join!!!”

“I really enjoyed Wikid GRRLS. What I really like about this whole program was that it was good for me for the time that I have been here. I got taught how to use a computer very well, how to use CRT + F. I enjoyed Oksana’s teaching. This is a really good program for girls. For me knowing that only 13 percent of girls were using Wikipedia was not very shocking because they might have thought that Wikipedia is for not-so-cool people but it really is a good program to be in. I encourage that next semester girls should really look into being in Wikid GRRLS because it teaches you a lot and also tells you what you should and shouldn’t post online because everything you post online is not always deactivated.”

Want your school in Detroit to join? E-mail Dr. Stine Eckert at Wayne State University:



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