It is done! Our old WikidGRRLS articles are moved to this new blog

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgWe were so glad when we learnt a few days ago that our old blog, hosted by the University of Maryland, was restored. The university took it down in late spring as a reaction to a larger security issue in their system and just now made our content available again.

I have now moved all the old blog posts, which we foolishly hadn’t saved anywhere else. (With multiple contributing authors it sometimes can be a challenge to keep track of who saved what where offline or on the group’s Google docs). Now you can check out again our articles about the politics of the Wikipedia category and its consequences (here and here), the enthusiastic reception of Gloria Steinem who spoke at the University of Maryland in spring 2013, new research on career choices by girls, how tech writing is dominated by white men, and a summary of Nature‘s special issue on women in science.

But especially our teaching notes are now added to this blog. They provide a week-to-week overview of our struggles and joys with teaching the Wikid GRRLS curriculum for the first time. Feel free to browse them to get a sense of how we moved through the lesson plans, trying out different things at different schools and each having a bit of a varying experience.

We will stick with this blog now so please check here for updates on how our project moves forward. We are currently working on a Strategic Plan.

Feel free to contact us to receive our free Wikid GRRLS Teaching Package, including ten lesson plans, guidelines for teachers, flyers and completion certificate, to teach girls how to engage with wikis and other online tools! No matter if you’re a parent, education, community organizer, teacher, a student majoring in teaching, or otherwise interested. E-mail us: Stine at or Joanna at



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