Taking WikidGRRLS to the next level: Working on Strategic Plan

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgNow that we have our free Wikid GRRLS Teaching Package ready — including 10 lesson plans, guidelines for teachers, completion certificate and flyers — we are working hard to spread the word about our project and its availability to anyone interested.

Part of our effort at the moment is to build our Strategic Plan to take Wikid GRRLS to the next level, to spread it at the University of Maryland, in Maryland, the United States and eventually worldwide, and in languages other than English.

All you need to adopt the Wikid GRRLS curriculum at your institution/school/library/community center/… is a working computer with a working internet connection for each girl you teach. We provide the teaching plans, that anyone can teach who is interested in introducing girls to the beauty and fun of creating online content. If you are a teacher, parent, librarian, community leader, college student, educator or anyone else interested in teaching our curriculum, e-mail us:

Stine at keckert@umd.edu
Joanna at jpmg@umd.edu



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