Girls and women of color shockingly underrepresented in STEM

Only 6,400 women of color with STEM doctorates hold assistant, associate or full professorships in the United Stated. In other numbers, they make up a mere 5.7 percent of all people with STEM doctorates in these positions. 

Compared to:
19,800 white women
20,500 men of color
65,100 white men

who hold STEM doctorates and work as assistant, associate or full professors. This also stands in stark contrast to the 15 percent of the U.S. population age 25 to 64 years who are women of color.

The numbers are stark and impresse in a sad way. They come out of a recent report by the Institute on Women’s Policy Research “Accelerating Change for Women Faculty of Color in STEM: Policy, Action, and Collaboration” which was created by a host of experts during a convention on STEM and women of color.

Women of color remain especially underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics the report concludes. The higher, in terms of positions, the report looks, the fewer women there are: just 1 percent of full professorships in STEM fields are held by women.

At Wikid GRRLS we understand that we need to start early to encourage all girls, and even more so girls of color, to consider learning more about technology and online spaces as an option for them to participate productively. Be it as contributors, editors, and writes to gather knowledge online, as programmers of their own sites, or as creators of technology in a broader sense.

Teaching teenage girls online skills to edit and navigate a wiki for sharing knowledge in a fun way can be a first step toward  an interest in STEM or even a STEM career. If you are interested in teaching our Wikid GRRLS Workshop Series after school, simply e-mail us and we’ll send you our free Teaching Package. You can reach Stine at and Joanna at

You can download the full report for free.

The blog For Harriet has a list of Black women in technology who are making a difference and who you should know. It’s a start but we need more women of color in STEM.



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