Our first sample #WikidGRRLS lesson now online for download


We are inching closer to making all our Wikid GRRLS teaching material available to all teachers and schools who are interested in teaching teenage girls wiki and other online skills to contribute to knowledge projects on the web. For now, try our sample lesson on internet safety. You can find it in our section “Teaching Resources.” 

You can use this lesson whenever it fits into your curriculum, during a project day or in addition to your material. Perhaps you are planning on something new for new year? Perhaps you like to set up an after-school club or teaching/learning opportunity?  Among the “Materials for Teachers” you also find our Guidelines for Teachers with additional information on how to teach our series, what you need, and how to go about it, based on our own teaching experience in a pilot program earlier this you. Use our Flyer, also in the “Material for Teachers” for download, to spread the word in your school and neighborhood.

We are working on making the other nine lesson plans for our complete ten-week workshop series available but we want to make sure we can set up a system that also allows for feedback to further improve on our curriculum. We aim to have it up and running by the end of this month.




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