Woot! A big Wikipedia editing party

Some days an article floats into one of your digital channels that make you instantly happy! I just had to smile when reading about the big Wikipedia editing party Brown University is organizing.

In honor of mathematician Ada Lovelace, Brown is calling on people to ”edit and create Wikipedia entries about women who have made significant contributions to the STEM fields.”

Brown University thus honors all women in science, and via its wiki provides a list of name of women whose Wikipedia entries need work! People can join wether they want to learn how to edit Wikipedia or just do it with others enthusiastic to help balancing out the gender gap.

More about the party also in the Atlantic, the Chronicle of Higher Education and on cir.ca.

By the way, it’s also International Day of the Girl today! The theme: Innovating Girls’ Education. We at Wikid GRRLS hope we can be part of improving girls’ education, especially in confidently handling and contributing to online spaces for knowledge. A happy shout out to all girls around the globe!


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