Final Session at Northwestern High School

It is amazing how time flies by when you are having fun. And at Northwestern our Wikid GRRLS work shop has already come to an end. We all felt we could have added other fun elements such as shooting our own video and photos, doing more of our own surveys, and putting our own material in the posts. But for now the first group of Wikid GRRLS has successfully finished our work shop at Northwestern, which we celebrated with presentations, potato chips and chocolate.

All girls who stuck with Wikid GRRLS showed their presentations using Prezi and the good information they had collected on some of the jobs and careers they can envision. We were happy to have one guest, as it was difficult to get parents to come with work going on in the afternoon, most teachers leaving when school ends (and we are an after-school program) and other students being busy otherwise. For example we learnt how to become an actress, were to study acting, and how much an actress earns on average.

We had five presenters and one guest. The presentations also gave an opportunity to all girls to see what they had worked on within the group. They had consulted each other on what to write about and how to go about adding different pieces of information. So now it came all together.

Medical professions were popular to research, for example working as an obstetrician as presented here or also in oncology.

The girls were always helping each other, especially on the tricky question on what to choose as a career for their first post.

Everyone seemed to be happy with their presentations and proud of their work. And the certificate you see above, the flash chips and lanyards were a welcome surprise for all and a reward well deserved after all their efforts. Go Wikid GRRLS!



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