Wikid GRRLS lesson 8 at the Barrie School

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgToday was a rather chaotic session, I have to admit. All we wanted to do was finish the wiki pages which my students created. Here is where it all stood. For some reason I can’t quite understand, the students were very distracted and didn’t really want to follow the article structure that was recommended… I felt like the articles were not really coming together into coherent entities, but instead were more patchwork-like and unfinished almost by design. I wonder what could have been done to give the students more ownership and concern for the construction of their pages.

As usual, time went by very fast, and after talking to my fellow teachers – Stine, Angel, and Kristen – I figured it might have been a good idea to follow their example and begin the session with snacks, and then move into a more concentrated 45-50 minutes of actual productive work. In my case, the perspective of snacks made the girls very fidgety and restless in the first half of the workshop.



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