Wikid GRRLS Session 5 at Northwestern High School

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgWe had a good time at Northwestern again yesterday. But we are being challenged by a very tight timeline. Our last session (already!) will be coming Monday. So we had to hurry up a bit to finish the first wiki page on careers, to add photos and to get ready for a short final presentation in class.

I explained the difference between copyright and photos that are in the creative commons. We looked at different examples of photos we searched online which most often fell under the big red or black c for copyright. On Wikipedia I showed them how each photo is labeled in detail if and how you share it and how to recognize the cc symbol for creative commons. We all found out it is hard to find good photos that portray what we were looking for that are also in the creative commons. A logical step would be to take our own photos but, alas, for this workshop we are running out of time as the semester at the university is shorter than the school semester and also our final presentation for FIA is coming very close. (If you like to attend, come May 6 to UMD Knight Hall auditorium, more information here.)

In the second part of the class, I showed the girls how to use, luckily students can get a free account to use, so I signed them all up under my name for the time being. It turns out it is not that easy to just make a couple of key sentences or points to present in each “bubble” or slide. We ran a bit out of time and went over our normal session as everyone enjoyed playing with prezi.

Apart from the different university v. school time lines, it also seems to be a challenge for each girl to attend each session because of different activities. We definitely need to explore the reasons a bit more and hope to find out more in our research survey at the end.



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