Wikid GRRLS Session 7 at the Barrie School

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgToday we focused on reviewing the various skills acquired throughout the workshop. At the outset, I asked the girls who had made progress in Codecademy, and unfortunately I did not pick up on much enthusiasm, with the exception of one student, who had gone quite far, completing the basic HTML course. The major time during this session was spent with the girls coming up to the center of the room one by one and “teaching” everyone else the one skill they felt the most comfortable with. This proved useful as not all the students learned the same skills with the same ease – it was a way to get them all on the same page, while giving them more of a front seat in the workshop (and giving my voice a rest). Each girl used my laptop and the projector to demonstrate how to do certain things, while the rest of the group watched and learned. We had embedding a google map, a youtube video, adding a picture, producing a graph in Google Trends, formatting tips, captioning images, etc. I think this part of the session worked quite well, and we did not have time for each of the girls to present even though only seven students were there.



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