Wikid GRRLS Session 4 at Northwestern High School

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgI am not sure what was going on yesterday but we were a bit of a smaller group, which on the other hand gave me the chance to work with each girl more individually. We are now having a page up on within out Wikid GRRLS wiki for each girl up and running. Some have been pretty fast to add to their chosen career/job description. They looked up salaries and some were quite astonished; similarly when checking how many years of college, medical school/law school and other requirements might be needed to become a lawyer, doctor, financial advisor or actress. Also the girls are developing more of a routine how to edit and to add sources at the bottom of their page to reference their information.

Next we will look at inserting photos and the difference between copy-righted pictures and those in the commons. One girl who has pretty fast in writing up her descriptions was ready to add photos. I explained to her the difference between copyright and commons and showed her how underneath each Wiki picture the conditions for sharing are explained. When she then chose a picture to add to her blog, including a reference to its source, I suggested to perhaps reduce its size a bit. But she immediately applied her new commons knowledge saying that this might be considered an alternation, which is not allowed under the commons license she was using. Well, there I was, put back into place!

It is really great fun to work with the girls and I hope more of the group will rejoin again coming Monday when we look more into adding photos and also visual presentations using



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