Wikid GRRLS lesson 2 & 3 at Northwestern High School

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgAfter spring break and an inclement weather-induced gap I returned to Northwestern HS yesterday for our third lesson. The second lesson was taught by Jessica who usually teaches at Sligo as I was traveling and she set up the girls with our Wikid GRRLS wiki space, creating accounts, making sure everyone is on board. So it was pretty easy for me to pick up there. I showed the girls how to create a new page on the wiki system, give it a name and start thinking about adding content to their page.

After another huddle with all five teachers we found out many girls are interested in college, careers, and what happens after school. So we’ve decided the theme to write about first will be their dream job/activity/career. I have heard some ambitious goals of becoming a behavioral science analyst for the FBI, pediatrician, obstetrician, financial manager, immigration lawyer, and actress. Some are still pondering or have several ideas to pick from.

We had fun starting to type on each wiki page and throwing around ideas which careers to investigate. As guidelines we are following the questions of where would you go to get education for your career, which college, school, program and where? Are there scholarships? What does the job entail on a day-to-day basis? What pre-requisites do you need to bring to this job? How much money would you earn?

We could also finally watch the “nice people” video of Wikipedia with a row of people talking about their reasons for contributing to Wikipedia (“if you have knowledge why keep it to yourself?”). This was possible because we could move into a new lab where audio is now working for a computer connected to a projector to show videos on a bigger screen for everyone. I know that it is a challenge to find/make resources available and we really appreciate that Northwestern is dedicated to make the Wikid GRRLs pilot project happen for the girls. It’s a good reminder to thank again the people who make this happen at each school on top of their big work load every day.

And two more girls joined yesterday in my class. They all were quite surprised how extensive actually their own school’s Wikipedia entry is, with lots of good pictures and current information. It’s a great example of what kind of article to strive for, full with links, photos, lots of information that is linked back to a list of references.

The next session the goal is start writing, filling each job wiki page with equally well-sourced information.



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