First Wikid GRRLS lesson at Northwestern High School

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgFor my first lesson I had in total eight girls, albeit three came half hour late because of a choir practice and one had to leave half hour early because of some other commitment. But they said they will be able to stay the whole time next week.

We did a little introduction round where they talked a bit about what they do online (video watching, homework research via google, listening to music), and then one girl started adding what her favorite color was.

I did our survey with them which they didn’t have questions about. They really liked the to research their names on a website to find out how their names have been used over time. But it appears that with those having unusual names they won’t show up such as Sherata or Kidist. But they put in other names as well.

Because of the late coming and early going it took a while to get everyone to go through the surveys, to give out our other paperwork — I think there is too much paper work with four different sheets to sign.

We then did the where they put in two to four topics each on what they would like to write about. Then they went around to vote on each others polls. Then we went around the classroom to see which topics scored best. I have the topics that were mentioned listed below.

The girls were all engaged and outgoing and enthusiastic to do all the stuff on the computers, filling out survey and creating the polls and putting in names so see the graph pop up. They also loved the snacks which they ate almost all. They were helping each other and it was a very good time which when they really quickly.

There were a couple of class room issues. I was there early at 4pm but someone else was still in the lab. There was an adapter missing to connect my lab top to a screen to show things and the audio on all computers was not working. So out point person Mrs. Mignon said she will have someone there the next time to help with lab issues. (I thought she had said there would be someone there today to set me up early but nobody was there.)


Free time activity
short non-fiction
books, magazines, literature
clothes, fashion
new movies, tv and shows
new tech advancement
diseases that are not yet cured
finding a career
supporting family members who have cancer
daily issues
new scientific discovery



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