First Wikid GRRLS lesson at Greenbelt Middle School

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgThe first session went really well.  Because all the days got shuffled around, it was more unsure of what was going on.  We were in the main library, without a projector or a main computer (the computer lab that we would normally use was still being used for testing so we couldn’t use that.  We had 9 girls show up for the first session and there were some distinct differences between two subsets.  One group had smartphones and were much more active and talkative (the more alpha girls) and the rest of them, after the snack seemed to open up more and get more involved.  We then explained the ideas behind this program and they completed the survey on the main computers in the library.  This took some students no time at all and other a more considerable amount of time.  After this we got a white board and wrote ideas of what they could possibly be interested in.  This ideas ranged from popular bands to being pediatrics to money. All the girls were very much engaged and eager to be there.  Overall, it was a huge success.



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