First Wikid GRRLS lesson at the Barrie School

wikid-grrls-logo.jpgThe lesson plan was good, although I had forgotten to check the audio beforehand and it didn’t work for the Wikipedia video (just a nudge to others make sure to check audio and video are working). I have nine girls, which is the perfect number although one of them was “bribed” by her mom to come (she thinks she already knows everything about computers). The other eight girls are incredibly enthusiastic and eager to learn which is good, but they’re also very eager to go on tangents all the time so it’s pretty challenging to keep the focus not only on what we are doing but why we are doing it.

In the middle of the hour, when they finished completing the survey, I gave them snacks and we went out on the patio to share them (it was a beautiful day, and they’re not allowed to eat inside). We talked a bit about what they think this project is about and what they expect from it.

Later I taught them how to make online polls, they loved poll everywhere (seeing the results appear on screen always gets people fascinated).

My overall conclusion is that an hour is short, but it’s not that short. What we had on the google doc was just right for the hour, with no back up plan. I think for future lessons we should try to plan for one extra task or topic just in case.

They seemed excited about the idea of creating and populating a Wikispace. I think it’s really a crucial part of our project that we’re not just “teaching them cool stuff” that they can do and use online, but that it is goal-oriented towards the wikispace and making it a real knowledge resource. Topics proposed by my students include:

Tomb building
One Direction
Doctor Who
Emily the Strange
Horseback riding
The Fab Five Gymnastics Team
Contemporary Dance
Downton Abbey
Dance Moms



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